Be in your power.
Find your calm. 

I am Christina,


Enabling you

Enabling your organization

fulfillment in your career aligned with your inner purpose and uniqueness,
resilient and in your power

agility in mindset and collaboration for greater results,  embracing change

Do you feel something is missing ?

This energy that fuels ideas for impact and that makes business beautiful?
The intimacy that creates trust and allows for limitless creativity?
Are you surrounded by business-as-usual, weighing you down?

myCALMOFFICE is a program for impactful and energetic leaders who inspire intelligent, positive change in a changing world.

Be the shift you want to see. Be part of a new paradigm.
Are you ready?

Transformational Leadership Coach, Change Catalyst and founder of myCALMOFFICE

Leadership Coaching to empower the potential and energy in you and your team

'This world does not need more successful people but change makers, storytellers, innovators and creators of all kind. It needs leaders who are well connected to their inner truth, of moral courage, willing to go the extra mile to make this (digital) world humane and co-creation possible.
And these qualities may go far beyond the success as we have defined it.
So far.'

- Christina Vaal

Great change starts with CALM 




Who I Work With

I am working with leaders in organizations, change-makers and founders who sense the need to take on a new type of conscious leadership in their lives, in their work and for this planet - from ego to eco.
Who are courageous to go beyond imagination and expectations – those of others or those of their own.

Meet Christina

As a leadership coach with 20 years of experience in leading companies of the High Tech industry up to leadership level I work with professionals on their personal and their organization's transformation.

Having lived half of my adult life outside of my home country Germany and moving homes and careers resulted in three constants in my life that I got to love: Change, great Chances as well as mastering discomfort outside the Comfort zone.

This choice of life as well as my career made me look for solutions not only in the outside but also inside myself.

Today I help my clients to go beyond the imaginary, reconnecting them with their purpose and equipping them with the right tools to make confident decisions and conscious moves towards more leadership in their lives,  career and for the world they live in.

Tools and practices I use have their foundation in the latest discoveries in neuroscience (Max-Planck Institute and others) as well from well known universities such as Stanford, Berkeley, M.I.T, Harvard.

Ex-Microsoft Leader, Core Energy Leadership Coach 


"Christina has a people first / customer first mindset and is a great coach to our team. She takes feedback seriously, shares perspective and acts immediately.
It is a sincere pleasure working with Christina, as she is doing great work, sharing her passion and inspires people.
People like her are critical asset  for the success of our company.

Marcus Jolic, Sales Leadership Team, Microsoft, 2018

"Working with Christina was one of the best investments I could have made, especially during a pandemic for my professional and personal growth. With kindness, insight and compassion, she guided me through the process of unearthing my strengths.
Based on these, I regained the clarity and confidence that laid dormant in me to bring to life my vision of a social enterprise focused on showcasing the beauty of African ingredients & African beauty practices while providing highly efficient and simple products. Christina is the ideal questioner, motivator, reflector and coach for any entrepreneur seeking to be accompanied towards the accomplishments of their dreams.
I could not recommend her enough! Thank you Christina"
Asta Bamanga, Social Entrepreneur, Geneva, Switzerland 2020

"Christina creates calm and helped me understand cause and effect of my situation. Her many years of corporate leadership experience left me equipped with all the essential mindset and tactics to solve my situation according to my values.
I highly recommend Christina as a Coach to everyone who is able to self reflect and rise from victim hood and who is courageous enough to take the necessary steps."

Janelle Clarke, Education Entrepreneur, Brisbane, Australia 2019

"What I received from Christina's coaching was well beyond my expectations, a heartfelt connection, creative insight beyond measure and business expertise which all came together into a clear and inviting perspective for me to work with. My life is still profoundly changing, I'm pleased to say with so much less fear than I believed was possible and now I feel confident that my past medical degree, training in fashion design and silversmithing, a herbal apprenticeship and now yoga teacher training are all coming together into an amazing base from which I can create my own business.  Her ongoing coaching is invaluable to me.'
Dr. Josine de Boer, Medical Doctor and Entrepreneur, Netherlands, 2019



coACHING for Change-Makers

Team Coaching

You have achieved a lot and followed a certain career path. And now you are ready for  more meaning and freedom in your life and in your profession?
Do you sense that you are not using your full potential ? Is the mask you have to wear at work taking energy from you?
Are you exhausted from giving a lot but not achieving the 'flow''?
Do you feel stuck in your attempts to change?
Would you like to really understand your purpose and what drives you?
Would you like to find your inner calm and be in your full power?
Inner work creates outer results.
There is so much more to explore than you may think. Right now.
Let's explore all options and create a new story.

Are you seeing yourself as being a change-maker in this world, in your organization or your business?
You have a lot of ideas, but you don't know how to express yourself,  navigate obstacles and use your full power?
There is this invisible glass ceiling that keeps you where you are?
Do you want to create an environment in your company or in your team  for  change-makers to support needed changes and transformations so they can have the full impact?
You want to retain these valuable high potentials and save on re-recruiting costs?

Successful teams thrive on a common vision and common goal and understand to leverage the skills and strengths of all individuals within the team for greater ideas and creative problem solving.

Support your teams through Team Coaching and development in order to unfold their full potential, connect with their purpose, create the energy to go beyond limitations, fears and victimhood. 

Can you imagine your team to lead themselves more effectively so that you can focus more on what you thought your leadership is really about: ?




Your environment does not hear what you are saying, it feels the energy you are sharing


Do you want to create lasting change in alignment with your vision?
Have you experienced being stuck in that process?

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