About Christina

I was born and raised in Germany but very early felt the joy to explore the unknown:  School exchanges, adventure travels with my family, later studying in London among many foreign students and lots of solo travels to far flung places fueled a sense of curiosity and exploration.

Initial fear turned into courage: Expanding my limits further with each new experience I was set up to become a life-long learner and explorer.

My great interest for the big picture of the world also was reinforced by my studies in Management and Economics with a major in Economics of South East Asia. Solo travel to Bangkok during the Asian economic crisis in 1997 gave me just a glimpse of what growth and speed I would be later exposed to working in Asian capitals for top High Tech companies.

The one thread that runs through my entire career and life is my passion for helping others. Whether it’s been in my corporate work, my network or in refugee camps I have an outlook that focuses on going above and beyond, to deliver what it is that people really need and even if they don’t know they need it yet.

Working and studying in places such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Singapore and Bali with their idiosyncrasies between poverty and economy gave me an unparalleled education of life, different cultures and a universal connectedness.

Together with the strong interest in the human psyche as well as ancient wisdom I could draw a lot of conclusions of the cause and effect of human behavior, their unmet needs and my relationships with others. My intuition was getting stronger, my understanding of the suffering of humans bigger. 

Juggling multimillion dollar business in 7 time zones or being lost in translation with a Sales VP in Korea were challenges that really excited me to find better ways in communication and more effective ways to engage but the glass ceiling could be very tough. These years helped instill compassion within me as I learned to adapt to new responsibilities and live in accordance with circumstances often outside of my control.
Along came a kind of solitude many expatriates experience, from intense traveling for work and living in a world that is vastly different and a need for balance while moving homes and jobs very often on my own. 

However being an expatriate in Singapore and living partially in Bali in a second home with a large circle of friends and local network was for many years a dream life I had designed and I was proud of having created it all by myself.
Much later I was ready to realizing..


MSc Business Administration and Economics, Heinrich-Heine University Germany and The London School of Economics (LSE), UK

iPEC Professional Coaching Certification
(ICF accredited Coaching program)
Certified Professional Coach , iPEC, USA
ELI Leadership Index Master Practitioner, iPEC, USA

The Coaching Habit, Microsoft, Germany

Positive Psychology, The Science of Happiness, Certificate, UC Berkeley, USA

Global Coaching Program: Leading from the Emerging Future;
M.I.T. , USA

Embodied Flow Yoga Teacher, 200RYT, International Yoga Alliance

20 years corporate experience in top High Tech companies  such as Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Accenture in Transformation programs,  Strategy, Sales Operations , Sales Leadership as well as Management Consulting in Asia and Europe 

Ex-Microsoft Leader empowering individuals and organizations to create positive impact in a changing world. 

Nothing great ever comes from staying in your comfort zone.

Returning to Germany after many years abroad I was unexpectedly living through a strong reverse culture shock that reinforced my need for self-coaching towards positivity and setting up completely new life routines.

For the first time in my life and over some months I literally couldn’t see the big picture, and despaired at which way to turn. What narrative would I have to stop believing in if I was going to make changes? 
I could either let the difficult situation take hold and dictate how I lived the rest of my life or I could take valuable lessons from it before discovering what it was that I truly wanted next. 

These personally challenging times made me study Positive Psychology, deepening my Yoga practice and Coaching skills to be able to share my learnings with others.  

Some years later on at Microsoft, a forerunner of implementing Coaching as a Leadership style, I was set about turning my passion – helping people be their absolute best – into a successful practice.

I’ve now developed my own incredibly powerful and unique strategy to instantly transform the lives of my clients.

‘Perception is strong and sight weak. In strategy it is important to see distant things as if they were close and to take a distanced view of close things’ 
— Miyamoto Musashi

Who I work with 

Your Story

- You have great plans and ideas but feel stressed out and seek clarity amongst all the thoughts spinning around in your head.
- You are dealing with a lot of changes in your corporate environment, your business or in your personal life, you know these changes are necessary but sometimes you wish you could go back to normal or leave completely
- You are choking behind the corporate ‘mask’, of always having to be ‘right’, the pressure 'to know it all' and defending your standpoint, and instead, you want to create trust and openness.
- You are passionate, dynamic, have a great vision and know that if you apply yourself, you can make incredible things happen, and you want to partner with a coach to find your way.
- You want to explore your deepest desires, work closer towards them and make a difference.
- You have a vision of what you want your life to be, you love to work, you love to play, you love life, and you want to identify how to live your vision – you feel just need to find your way back into it.
- You know fear, you understand that fear is a good sign and that your fulfilled desires are on the other side of that fear.
- You take risks, you are willing to get uncomfortable to achieve what you want, and you will push yourself across boundaries even not knowing yet how to overcome them.
- You want more, to grow, to learn, to figure out who you want to be and you know that investing in personal development is the best investment you could make to reach your goals.