Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching is the best investment you can make in yourself!

As your coach, I will guide you through a process that helps you gain deeper awareness about yourself and that will raise your consciousness, while being objective and non-judgmental ultimately leading to a calm state from where you can create what you desire.

Based on the belief that true, positive change starts from within, the coaching process I use empowers you to consciously connect with your inner truth, your core thoughts and emotions.
I call it “coaching from the inside out”
. From this point the magic begins.


Team Coaching for Organizations


Successful teams thrive on a common vision and common goal and understand to leverage the skills and strengths of all individuals within the team for greater ideas and creative problem solving.

Support your teams through Team Coaching and development in order to unfold their full potential, connect with their purpose, create the energy to go beyond limitations, fears and victimhood. 

Together we empower your team to lead themselves more effectively so that you can focus more on what  your leadership is really about.


Asia Intercultural Coaching & Advisory

Business and corporate stakeholder alignment in the Asian cultural context draws a lot of opportunities and challenges for Leaders and Management.
Very often stakeholders are literally lost in translation,  meetings have no outcome or misunderstandings can create losing face on both sides.
It requires a lot of patience and sensitivity to come to an alignment and effective results..
I am helping you and your team to understand your stakeholders and clients effectively, create trustful relationships and better collaboration.
I offer these services online, in your office as well as on site in Asia.
My 10 years experience in high stake communication within the corporate as well as public organizational arena in Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam as well as in Sales offices in Korea, Taiwan, Japan and China helped me to become an expert in intercultural sensitive communication and mediation.
As an advisor I am also offering to accompany you and your company in important stakeholder meetings or clarification of challenging situations..

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